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Summer's Coming, Send Them to Camp!

In today's world, our kids are inundated with so many different things that keep them from reconnecting with the joys of nature. Long days at school, homework, sports, extra curricular activities as well as hours on end of screen time on their phones, tablets, TV and gaming devices. While these activities can be beneficial to them, embarking in an outdoor experience away from their everyday life can result in an opportunity to build their character and confidence, develop a sense of belonging and nurture new friendships all while having fun!

At Piper Hill Farm we will provide them with a hands on farm experience in a fun and safe environment. Our 100 acre property provides the perfect setting to keep your kids active while allowing them to explore the outdoors and interact with new kids their age, which is an excellent way to experience a whole new world for their summer break.

During our week long overnight camps, kids will be interacting with our animals which teaches them responsibility as well as caring for someone else other than themselves. We have cows, horses, goats, sheep, donkeys, alpacas, llamas, highlanders, rabbits and chickens. They will help feed them, snuggle with a goat and collect eggs each day to use for our meals. And for those interested in a stepping stone to learn more about animals and working with them in the future, we have a Kids Vet Club that can be added onto their summer camp experience!

During their six day adventure at the farm they will be encouraged to try new things and step out of their normal routine by going fishing, hiking, exploring, treasure hunting, helping prepare and cook meals, enjoy outdoor games, learn archery, create arts and crafts, stargaze around a campfire all while making new friends and creating lifelong memories!

Overnight summer camps can be a wonderful life changing event for children, so if they start telling you they're bored and need something to do, take the first step and register them for a treasured experience that will last forever!