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Who we are?

In  2020, we came across a spectacular property full of promise, and we decided this was it. So finally, our dream of over 35 years was about to come to fruition.


Let us explain how it took 35 years. Two New Yorkers in their 20s find themselves caught up in the whirlwind of television production. It was the 80s. Gary and I met while working at a new show called Entertainment Tonight. We became friends and then business partners. 

We started a business that provided production services to many of the TV shows of that era. One of our First Clients was a show called "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." This show became a hit during its time and kept us busy and under almost constant stress. But this was the big leagues, and the shows kept on coming. Whether it was Geraldo Rivera tracking down mobsters or keeping up with Martha Stewart tracking down a flock on her farm, we had much to deal with on a creative and technical level. Then came MTV, HBO, and Dr. Ruth.


One day while in Vermont, Gary came across a small farm, run-down but on a very nice and calming property. A month later, Gary purchased the property and, almost every weekend, drove the 4-5 hours from NYC with his family. He found something there each time, and that was inner peace. The animals, nature, walks, the pond. It allowed him to reset and feel strong again. He vowed that one day he would change his life and allow himself the feeling he gets from being in a farm setting. But, well, The reality of making a living and being on a farm simultaneously was not feasible.


Well, it took a while, and David & Gary are back. They are in the process of creating a Farm Country Club. A place where people can get to easily. A property with farm animals and a pristine seven springs-fed pond loaded with trophy-sized fish. Piper Hill has almost 100 acres of rolling meadows and wooded trails. The farm will appeal to people of all ages and any level of farm life or responsibility they desire. Plans are being made for members to keep their own goats or other small farm animals. All our members will always have access to fresh farm eggs to take home.


We are taking all that we have learned from running a very successful educational farm in Chapel Hill called the 1870 Farm and offering the My Little Farmer program for children, developed by David's daughter Lindsey. 


Our concept will offer the ultimate blend of outdoor recreation and quality family time, all set in a beautiful setting with limited memberships to ensure a peaceful environment anytime. If this is something that you feel might interest you, please let us know by filling out the quick email form that is attached to our website. We will be getting details to you about all the activities and membership fees to you very shortly!


Founding family memberships will be offered at $2895 for yearly memberships. $1895 for couples and $1195 for single members. 




Gary & David

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